Reviewing Our 2015 Season

Our TROTOM 2015 Season finished October 31.  We thank all those who visited and those who attended our many special events during the season.  The  successful TROTOM Museum happenings for 2015 were:

·         The Region of Three Oaks Museum was busy during our open times of May through October. We started with the expanded open hours of Friday through Sunday and even welcomed visitors on Monday during June, July, August. We appreciate our volunteers who welcomed the visitors during these times.

·         Our Raffle Ticket fund raiser was success and brought in some much needed money to help in day to day museum operation expenses. The many great opportunities offered by several local businesses will be enjoyed by our winners.

·         One of our temporary display was the Pokagon Band of Potawatomie Indian Black Ash Basketry. Rarely are the several generations of baskets seen in one showing – we had the very old ones (thanks to our collaboration with MSU), to those baskets leading up to award winning current creations from local Pokagon Band families. The Black Ash Basket Weaving classes held in July, were enjoyed by all our participants. We had a list of 20 others who could not fit into these classes. The classes were possible through a generous grant from The Pokagon Fund and the Pokagon Tribal Council.

·         In August, the US 12 Heritage Sale was held on the Three Oaks Elementary School campus with a large crowd of eager buyers obtaining some article offered for sale.

·         Also in August, we were honored to hold a private birthday celebration for our long time board member, Harold Russell and his wife, Margo. Their family enjoyed viewing and discussing not only the family memories, but our multi-dimensional museum displays.

·         One of our members and dedicated volunteer, Ron Ahrens of Three Oaks, has been awarded a very prestigious honor – The Michigan Heritage Award for 2015. This is a high distinction honoring individuals who continue their family and community folk traditions with excellence and authenticity. This year the recipients were honored at the Michigan Heritage Awards Ceremony, Sunday, August 9th, at the Great Lakes Folk Festival. Perhaps you saw Ron during one of our museum events. He is a Lace Maker and Fiber Artist. He has enthusiastically shared his skills and knowledge with his family and friends and within the community. His needlework art takes several hours to complete. We are proud to have him and his wife as our members. He is also a recent new board member of the museum.

·         You have possibly noticed the changed appearance of the outside of the museum. The canon replica was moved by some of the volunteers/members to a place near the flagpole. We appreciate all the time and effort our volunteers/members give to The Region of Three Oaks Museum. This is just one sample of what volunteers/members can do for the museum. .


Our “closed” season is one of our busiest times as we prepare for the new seasons opening and events. Being a totally volunteer organization, and receiving no outside funds, our responsibilities as board members, in part is to not only create interesting and pertinent displays highlighting our region’s accomplishments, changes and happenings, as well as create events which provide us funds to continue to keep the doors open and lights on!

Some of the displays will be refreshed, some will be changed.  If you have a few free hours a week to help we would welcome you!  You would find the museum buzzing with activity usually Wednesday mornings.  If you are interested in helping, give us a message!

December 10, 2015, The Region of Three Oaks Museum will hold its annual meeting and volunteer gathering.  This will be held at the Three Oaks Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, beginning at 6:30pm.  This is a potluck event for members/volunteers to gather and hear how your museum is moving forward! We hope you can attend.