Board Member Resignation

The Region of Three Oaks board trustee, Roger Barksdale, has resigned his many volunteer duties effective January of this year. Roger has been on the museum board for six years. Before the present museum was built, he visited other museums for ideas to incorporate. He actively participated and helped organize several fund raisers, always being a very helpful hand in the hard jobs of set up and take down, he was described as a "reliable trooper". The museum fall fund raiser of Oktoberfest decorations were one of his specialties. Present and former board members stated he was always reliable in coming to the meetings, participating and keeping organized records. He was saluted as a "peacemaker" with different points of view. Roger had a big part in setting up the different exhibits within the museum. His welcoming smile and soft spoken demeanor on the museum board will be missed. We have much to thank him for. There have been many compliments on the first outside impression of the museum, with its attractive plantings and clean appearance which Roger maintained on a faithful basis. Roger continues to assist with creating artful displays.