"Fred Warren's Amazing Calculating Engine"

It may be the first calculating machine produced in the US, and it
was put together in Three Oaks way back in 1875. Join TROTOM Board Member Nick Bogert and Notre Dame Computer Science Prof. Jay Brockman for a look  at an extraordinary machine and an amazing drama that surrounded its invention. You can view this program by clicking HERE.


"Three Oaks Flag Day Parade-- Through the Years"

Sadly, the Three Oaks Flag Day Parade-- a local favorite since 1953-- 

was canceled this year, due to public health concerns. But The Region of Three Oaks Museum created this look back at a beloved tradition, the parade that, organizers assure us, is still the largest Flag Day parade in the country.

You can see our Flag Day retrospective by clicking HERE.

"Three Oaks Department Stores"

In 1910, the Charles K. Warren & Company store opened with giant wagonloads of shoppers coming to Three Oaks. The village's big company store soon passed to the Hunerjager family, who ran the store and staged village fashion shows for decades. See the program by clicking HERE.

"The Booms and Busts of Frontier New Buffalo"

New Buffalo careened from good times to bad with astonishing speed in the days after its founding by Captain Wessel Whitaker. Watch the 40-minute Power Point talk put together by TROTOM Board Member Nick Bogert by clicking HERE.



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