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New Buffalo Times 5/9/19  
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St. Jo Herald-Palladium, 5/2/19 
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Press Release about the premiere of our new documentary film
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St. Jo Herald-Palladium 5/9/19  
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Harbor Country News 5/8/19  
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"Lifestyles of the Mich(iana) and Famous" documentary premieres

On Saturday, August 29 and Sunday, August 30, the museum's latest documentary premiered at the Old Township Hall (8 E. Linden Street), recently purchased by the museum.

Four screenings were held, to ensure that attendees could socially-distance and stay safe, and the film's producer, TROTOM board member Nick Bogert answered questions and related anecdotes about his research into such famed Michiana second-home owners as Carl Sandburg, Jesse Owens, Jane Addams, Oprah Winfrey, and Roger Ebert.

The museum plans to show the film via Zoom soon, to accommodate those wary of attending crowded events indoors, and DVDs of the film will soon be made available, as well ($10 apiece).


Chuck Sittig, Chair

Harold Russell

Janet Hayes

Julie Sittig

Nick Bogert
Randy Miller

Chris Mitchell

Daniel McDonough


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