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Available for events!


The museum purchased Three Oaks' oldest building-- the Township Hall, built in1866-- in the spring of 2020. The historic character of the building and perhaps its very existence were in jeopardy, as it was being offered for commercial development.

Now, we've given the interior a fresh coat of paint, repaired damaged floors, and hung canvases depicting pioneer Three Oaks and the people who helped shape it. And we've given this historic space at 8 East Linden Street a new name-- Three Oaks Heritage Hall.

This is, after all, the building that housed the first local government in the area. Schoolchildren of the 1870's learned their lessons here, and it's where families gathered to enjoy community suppers. It was in this building that townspeople launched the "Three Oaks Against the World" campaign that brought the Dewey Cannon and President McKinley to the village. Parishioners of St. Mary's Catholic Church held services here after fire destroyed their house of worship on Christmas,1944.


The museum wants to make this space available for community-building events--- meetings, classes, parties of modest size--- at reasonable rental prices: 

Non-profit group meetings - $15 per hour

Other group meetings - $20 per hour

Partial-day private events - $50 (8-12 noon, 1-5 PM, 6-9 PM)

Full-day private events - $200


$100 refundable cleaning deposit will be required if food is to be served.

Email us at, if you'd like to rent the Heritage Hall.

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