Historic installation on Elm Street

On September 17th, workers installed a new sign along Elm Street, part of an effort by the museum and its partners to bring history to where the people are. The sign tells the story of Three Oaks, from native tribes until the present day.

TROTOM did the research and writing and historic photos.

The village provided the spot, next to the bust of E. K. Warren, the local tycoon who built much of our town.
Lynn and Allen Turner generously underwrote the project. Come check it out!

Something old is something new at TROTOM


Museum Collections Manager Judy Jackson cranks up the music on TROTOM's newest acquisition, an Edison phonograph, sold in the 1910's and 1920's. It plays very heavy "Diamond Disks" but, as you can hear, it must be cranked up frequently or the music begins to slow down.

The phonograph is in the museum's Music Room, along with a collection of fascinating and odd instruments manufactured at the Marx Music factory in New Troy.

Now at The Region of Three Oaks Museum

Our 2020 exhibits include:


Fred Warren's Amazing Calculating Engine— An 1875 invention that the Smithsonian says may have been the first working calculator made in America (made in Three Oaks!)

The Marx-o-Chime Colony— For 45 years, New Troy was home to a factory that made very unusual musical instruments

Three Oaks Then & Now— Photo montages showing the changes a century has made in the Village of Three Oaks

Toys from a Bygone Era— How did kids spend leisure time before screens took over?


The Mason— Three Oaks first permanent resident, Henry Chamberlain, founded the local Masonic Lodge and was its first president. Some of the artifacts on display are as old as the town.



Discover how local athlete Joe Savoldi got kicked off a national championship football team and became a champion wrestler under scandalous circumstances, and then a spy before he got into the beverage business.


Chuck Sittig, Chair

Harold Russell

Janet Hayes

Julie Sittig

Nick Bogert
Randy Miller

Chris Mitchell

Daniel McDonough


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